Some examples of my lifestyle issues writing 

Daily Mail - Published June 2014 

Daily Mail -  Published April 2014

Daily Mail - Published January 2014

Next Store:  Fashion Revival 

Daily Mail - Published January 2014

What your other half really sees  

Daily Mail - Published December 2013

Banana Republic - L'Wren Scott Collection 

Daily Mail - Published September 2013

Is faux-dry the new blow-dry?

Daily Mail - Published September 2013 

Can miracle knickers give you a peachy bottom?

Essentials - Published September 2013

Puppy love 

Essentials - Published May 2013 

'Goodbye kids, hello...what?

Daily Mail - Published October 2012
Why I'm so glad I'm not young and beautiful anymore

Daily Mail - Published December 2010
The great checkout challenge

Daily Mail - Published November 2010
Does divorce make you a better wife second time round?

Daily Mail - Published October 2010
Libido Problems?  No, I'm just too tired to have sex.

Daily Mail - Published October 2010
Why are so many modern British career women converting to Islam?

OverSeas - Published February 2008
Controversy in Lollywood

The Sunday Times Style Magazine - Published 3rd December 2006
A dangerous line?

The Independent - Published 31 October 2006
Breeding trouble?

The Guardian - Published 7 October 2006
Do as I say, not as I did

The Times - Published 14 August 2006
No sex please, we're parents

The Guardian - Published 8 July 2006
Gerald likes football and fishing but lives in a house full of girls. Julia wants to buy purple sofa cushion's but is surrounded by blokes who don't give a damn. Zenab Short meets the odd one out in two single-sex families    

All About - Published 12 June 2006
Sex when the kids are around

The Independent - Published 9 March 2006
Couples who are married to the business

The Guardian - Published 28 November 2005
Exclusion Zones: Do all-women businesses miss the male influence?   Would ethnic minority groups benefit from a wider input.   The pros and cons of the homogeneous office.

The Times / Fair Lady (South Africa) - Published 2 February 2005
Which Desperate Housewives are you watching?    


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